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We know how to get your brand together with carefully chosen influencers. We combine emotions, personalities, stories and images with your objectives and put the brand effectively into scene. We can deliver highly individual solutions with remarkable people - dynamically, effectively and successfully.

4,8 Mio. reach

5,2% interaction rate

4,3% interaction rate

4,6 Mio. reach

1,2 Mio. reach

+18% follower

800k reach

1,2 Mio. reach

+150% reach

53k interactions

3,3% interaction rate

+59% follower

4,4% interaction rate

+62% follower

+46% reach

525k reach

1.6 Mio. reach

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

“90% of young people trust a recommendation from a friend”



Influencer Marketing

We make it possible to experience the brands USP at an emotional level by connecting the perfect influencers to the brand. For this purpose, we are developing suitable measures in cooperation between the company and the influencer. This ideally leads to an authentic and credible brand relation.

Strategy and Conception

Strategy and Conception

Communication Concepts

Campaigns and Actions

Individual Ideas

Target Group Identification

Knowhow and Workshops

Campaign Planning and Implementation

Campaign Planning and Implementation


Influencer Support

Purchase of Media Services

Contractual Provision

Monitoring and Reporting

Development of an Influencer Portfolio

Development of an Influencer Portfolio


Choice of Long-Term Brand Ambassadors

Implementation of Reporting Tools

Analysis of the Activities of the Influencers

Conception of Events

Our Network

The Lucky Shareman Influencer Network

For a long time we are enjoying good personal relations with international influencers. We know opinion makers with high quality, individuality and reach. We work closely with all influencers and maintain the same high standards in terms of quality. We design individual contracts and negotiate image, video and content rights as well as the rights of use. We are always independent without any exclusive contracts – free in our choices.

“The collaboration with Lucky Shareman has been absolutely positive, efficient and on point. Brand and product were a natural fit. I’m definitely looking forward to a future collaboration at any time.”

Jörg Nicht

5,282 posts

533k follower















About us

To turn brands into experiences like never before, new approaches must be taken which are currently not used.

As experienced brand specialists with a digital focus, we are familiar with requirements which companies and institutions enable to work successfully in a media-based world. We know, however, that especially in the internet unusual paths are playing the decisive role for success. Influencer marketing is one of those. We are using the newest technologies, we do not rely only on the power of data though – we rely on intelligent connecting of personalities, contents and brand related assets.



The team of Lucky Shareman consists of brand and communication specialists with many decades of experience with agencies - independent, autonomous and creative.



Nothing has more format than professionalism. With this in mind Lucky Shareman is not looking for a standard solution, they’re living for the absolute quality in their results.



Lucky Shareman sees itself as a stakeholder to explore new ways of marketing communication. The best solution can only be the result of a joint effort with the customer.

#SennheiserUrbanite Case

Successful international campaign with a reach of 12 mio. and an interaction rate of 5.2% generates consummate graphical material

The product Sennheiser Urbanite was coverage-efficient advertised in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. In addition the campaign generated an account growth of 26,400 followers. The amazing graphical material was licensed and used for the website and posters in the US.


Influencers become authentic brand ambassadors and lead the campaign to success

The combination of Instagram and Snapchat reached an interaction rate of 4.3% and a reach of 4.8 mio. The brand was communicated credibly and all product benefits had been conveyed very genuine.

#ChiemseeAlpenland Kampagne

Tourism association taking new approaches: Influencer marketing for a whole region

“That was our first experience with influencer marketing and we are very satisfied with the results of the campaign. We were excited about the creative pictures the influencers created. They presented our region from their own perspective”, Christine Paffinger – Manager Chiemsee Alpenland Tourismus GmbH

Your German Agent for International Campaigns

International Support

We help your company to promote your brand - on the German market as well as international.

Our services include international management and influencer placement.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for further information!


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If you are interested in finding out more about the possibilities and potentials of influencer marketing please do not hesitate contacting the Lucky Shareman team.